Business Advisory



Identification of existing controls:

Identifying controls that currently exist across different functions and processes within the business.

Control Assessment:

Evaluating the effectiveness and adequacy of existing controls

Control Review and Redesign:

Introducing new controls and redefining existing ones to guarantee operational efficiency and better protection against losses.

Control Education:

Educating process owners within the client’s firm of the importance of set controls and the risks associated with failure or non-performance of such controls.


IA support services:

Assist clients with quality assurance of their IA function, creating a value scorecard and process to monitor it, and stakeholder reporting.

IA Transformation:

Assists companies in transforming their IA function so that it will better provide: improved strategic value to the Board and key executive stakeholders, expanded risk coverage and cost efficiencies to the business.

IA visioning:

Assists clients with determining and visualizing the long term vision strategy for the IA function that aligns with organization strategy, IA mandate, stakeholder expectations and other risk function activities and strategies.

We assist clients in assessing their internal audit functions in three areas:

  • Against leading practices;
  • Against audit committee, executive management, and IA stakeholder needs and expectations; and
  • Assessments of specific areas targeted for improvement.