Business Advisory


We provide our clients with the skills and experience needed to help in addressing the needs of business at different stages of development. We deliver strategic and professional business solutions to help manage and improve business performance.

Stakeholder Identification:

Identifying the different stakeholders with varying interests in the client’s business together with their expectations.

Environmental analysis:

Studying the environment in which the business operates and analysing the position of an entity in relation to its environment. Applying models such as PESTEL analysis and Porter’s Diamond in analysing the business environment.

Internal Analysis:

Identifying strategic capabilities, resources, strengths and weaknesses of the client’s business that can influence its competitive position in the market.

Competitive forces, analysis & advantage:

Analysing competitors vis a vis their individual strengths and weaknesses, identifying the particular strengths that put the client’s business at an advantageous position and defining the appropriate strategies for turning weaknesses into strengths.

Strategy Implementation:

Supporting clients in the implementation of chosen strategies and putting real time monitoring & evaluation frameworks in place.